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Eilli Girl 12ML (ONE TOLA)

Eilli Girl 12ML (ONE TOLA)

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ATTARROMA EILLI GIRL fragrance is floral and romantic. The fragrance's center contains amber, which lends warmth and depth to the aroma. The fragrance's base is made up of sandalwood, which gives it a woody and earthy aroma, fruity notes, which give it a fresh and sweet aroma, musky notes, which give it a sensual and natural perfume, and mossy notes, which give it an earthy and wet forest feel. The smell is opulent and elegant due to the blend of rose and amber. Embark on a wonderful aroma journey with this attar, creating an unforgettable environment around you.  


Rose, Amber, Sandalwood, Fruity, Musky and Mossy.

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